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Chen Shuo Biotechnology Co., Ltd. provides high-quality products for domestic biomedical-related academia and industry by importing and distributing life science products (cellular immunology, molecular biology, proteomics, laboratory consumables, and basic equipment). Our goal is to sustain the operation by having a responsible attitude at all times. We look forward to provide a more convenient, faster, and better service to keep our customers satisfied.


1. Immunological reagents: all kinds of antibody and antigen; apoptosis; assay kit. cytokines; oxidative stress markers; bone metabolism; tumor marker; steroids; vitamins; endocrine; cardiovascular; toxicology; food; environment; water quality and other types of enzymes immunization test kit (Elisa Kit)

2. Molecular biological reagents: nucleic acid purification kit; enzymes; standard solutions

3. Biochemical reagents: protein electrophoresis related reagents (standard solution, buffer and commonly used biochemical reagents)

4. Laboratory consumables: cell culture supplies; centrifuge tubes; PCR tubes; dialysis tubing; syringe filters; advanced centrifugal devices; membrane filters

5. Laboratory equipment: all kinds of electrophoresis tanks; micropipettes; electronic pipettes; microcentrifuge; shakers; dry bath incubators; filtration and concentration devices


Chen Shuo Biotechnology Co.,Ltd
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